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"Never doubt that a small group of like minded people can change the world, indeed, its the only thing that ever does."
- Margaret Mead

Community is at the heart of my teachings and I just love to share the incredible offerings available to us by small & local businesses. We all have unique gifts to share with this world and I hope to use this space so we can share the love. I believe in their philosophies and cannot recommend them enough.
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Founder & Fellow Yoga Teacher Rebecca believes in deeply understanding and harnessing the healing power of plants to support and nurture us through the many different facets of our lives and take a therapeutic approach when looking at how we can use them to enhance and balance our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

I have been using Rebecca's beautiful oils for the last 3 years and are a huge part of my daily rituals to support my overall well-being. I incorporate her roller blend oils into my teachings as a way to support us throughout the practice and make us feel calm and grounded. I'm honored to collaborate with such a beautiful soul who brings so much love and dedication to her offerings. Click on the button below to explore her stunning shop & don't forget to use the discount code to receive 20% OFF!



Yoga Clothing Brand

oulo is an active lifestyle based brand that thrives by offering clothing that can be worn round the clock, whilst providing comfort, style and durability. Our vibrant range is designed to make you feel confident and empowered from studio to street. Founded around the philosophy that you should never have to overpay for high-quality activewear, makes us a one-stop shop for the hottest and latest athleisure styles out there. Our goal is to source the best quality materials and designs and bring them to you at a pocket friendly price tag.

Over the last year I have built a lovely relationship with the owner Sam and love to support her small business. Plus I literally live in her yoga clothes so comfortable and flattering. Use link below to head to shop and you can use my DISCOUNT CODE: NICBIANCA10 to receive 10% OFF your first order!

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